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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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 Free Reiki Self-Attunements
These manuals are all free and have the attunements inside them.  Just call down the attunement when you are ready by following the instructions inside the manual.  Unfortunately, there are no certificates available for these attunements.
Stephanie Brail's Reiki Systems
Allowing Abundance Attunement
This attunement helps to open you up to let abundance flow in, gently removing any blocks that are preventing good things enter your life. Click here  to download pdf document.
DNA Healing Reiki
DNA Healing Reiki works particularly well with chronic illness, such as CFS.  It also works on any other health issue.  Click here  to download pdf document
Earth Energy Boost
Energy Energy Boost works at giving you a 'lift' when you feel tired or stressed. Click here  to download pdf document.
Flame of Universal Love
Flame of Universal Love comes from the Ascended Master, St Germaine.  It helps anyone who feels disconnected from universal (or unconditional) love.  Click here  to download pdf document.
Lighten The Load Reiki
Lighten The Load Reiki helps to release any emotional buggage that is causing you stress and worry.  Click here  to download pdf document.
Eclipse Energy Empowerment
Stephanie Brail received this Empowerment during the full lunar eclipse of 20th February 2008.  Eclipse Energy Empowerment helps you to release anything that you no longer need which is preventing you from getting on with your life.  Click here  to download pdf document.
Psychic Protection Flame
Stephanie received this Energy from Archangel Michael to help protect you from psychic attack which can cause fatigue and illness.  Click here  to download pdf document.
Above the Radar Reiki
This Reiki helps shy people to receive the recognition, love, success and prosperity that they deserve.  Click here  to download pdf document.
Rev Chris Comish's Systems
LightWorker Planetary Rays 1
These attunements will help you to connect to the seven planetary rays which will enable you to become a more balanced person.  Click here  to download the pdf document.
LightWorker Planentary Rays 2
The second part of the Planetary Rays enable you to connect to the five higher planetary rays which help to cleanse and connect you to Sanat Kumara.  Click here  to download the pdf document.
Nicole Lanning's Reiki Systems
Pain Management Empowerment
Nicole herself suffers from Fibromyalgia and she received this Empowerment from Archangel Michael to help her manage her pain.  Click here  to download pdf document.
White Protection Energy Bubble
The White Protection Energy Bubble can be used to protect you against psychic attack, psychic vampires, etc.  Click here to download pdf document.
Ray of Hope Empowerment
Ray of Hope can be used when you are feeling down and you need that extra boost to make you feel more confident and hopeful.  Click here  to download pdf document.
Balance Out Empowerment
This Empowerment gives you that extra boost of energy when you are feeling overwhelmed during a hectic day.  Click here  to download pdf document.
Richard Eisenberg's Reiki Systems
Angel Contact
Angel Contact has three attunements which enable you to contact the angels.  Click here  to download  Word document.
Dental Shakti System
Dental Shakti System has three attunements which endeavour to achieve good dental health.  Click here  to download Word document.
Etherical Acupuncture
Etherical Acupuncture uses etheric needles rather than real ones.  They work in the same way as physical acupuncture and can also work as antennas to attract energy and healing to you. Click here  to download Word document.
God Attunements
God Attunements uses a series of attunements to allow you to protect people and objects, clear negative entities, make elixiers, etc.  Click here  to download pdf document.

Alasdair Bothwell Gordon
LightWorker Hands of Jesus Attunement
This attunement will help you connect to Jesus and use his healing energies during self-treatments or treatment of others.  Click here  to download pdf document.
Rev Oliver Hoffman
Pulse Resonance Attunements
These attunements help you adjust to the new electromagnetic frequencies that are coming into our lifes.  Click here  to download rtf document.
Rev Gail Lehmann
Elenari Healing System
Elenari Healing System helps you to connect to love, compassion and enlightenment.  Click here  to download pdf document.
Infinite Light
God Kundalini Reiki
God Kundalini Reiki helps to open the kundalini and heal the ego.  Click here  to download rtf document.
Sandra Henning
Sea Salt Energy  
Sea Salt Energy helps you to connect to the cleansing energies of sea salt.  Click here  to download the pdf manual.

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